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Thinking Machines and Snowflake Partner up to Accelerate Data Transformation Across Southeast Asia

July 21, 2021 blog-post big-data data-cloud snowflake

We’re excited to announce that Thinking Machines is now an official partner of Snowflake! Snowflake's powerful data infrastructure and Data Cloud platform is used by over 4,500 companies including 187 companies of the Fortune 500 and notable clients such as Adobe, Dropbox, Hulu, Lionsgate, Netflix, and others.

Our partnership with Snowflake is rooted in our shared belief in cloud-first strategies for enterprises. “Snowflake is game changing technology for enterprises,” says Stephanie Sy, our CEO, “We are very excited to use the Snowflake data cloud to accelerate data transformation in Southeast Asia.”

As Thinking Machines continues to provide innovative data and ML solutions to enterprises across Southeast Asia, we are constantly exploring new ways for our clients to work more efficiently and make better decisions by using leading-edge technology.

Partners for data transformation

Snowflake’s Data Cloud enables enterprises to have a single source of truth so they can mobilize their data for diverse analytic workloads. This is the foundation for the scalable enterprise-grade AI solutions our team delivers for companies who want to fast track their data transformation journey. “Thinking Machines is one of the leading data consultancies in Southeast Asia,” says Scarlett Li, Snowflake’s Territory Account Manager for Southeast Asia. “They’re a world class team capable of deploying major cloud data and AI projects. We’ve worked together on greatly successful projects and look forward to more to come.”

Together with Snowflake, we are empowering more enterprises to embrace cloud data technologies and leverage real-time insights for data-driven decision making. Jointly, we empower Orient Futures Singapore, the international subsidiary of Shanghai-based digital financial brokerage firm Orient Futures, to deliver smarter data-driven financial decisions and facilitate more efficient trade through technology. “We chose Thinking Machines and Snowflake because of their proven track record in delivering cloud solutions. We are excited to progress further in our data transformation journey with them.”

Unlocking insights with the Data Cloud

Thinking Machines and Snowflake will be discussing how enterprises can get the full value of the cloud through a holistic digital transformation strategy and leverage the Data Cloud for business growth and innovation in an exclusive webinar this August. Want to know more about how you can unlock insights using the Data Cloud? Register here.


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