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Thinking Machines accelerates growth with new office in Bangkok

May 18, 2021 blog-post bangkok thailand regional southeast-asia business development

We are proud to announce the launch of our new office in Thailand!

“There are amazing opportunities to supercharge data transformation journeys in Bangkok,” says Stephanie Sy, our CEO. “We’re looking forward to developing our suite of machine learning products in an exciting new market.”

Headed by Country Manager Mook Promphorn Chaichirawiwat, Thinking Machines Thailand has begun forming partnerships with some of Thailand’s conglomerates, including the country’s leading oil and gas company. Thinking Machines Thailand will be developing artificial intelligence products for Thai organizations, based on the core geospatial AI and document AI technologies.

“We forged a partnership with RISE in Thailand, a corporate innovation accelerator,” says Mook, “we found our mutual business objectives complementary to foster digital transformation among large, complex organizations. We have worked with them on Digital Transformation workshops and are excited to work with them on more projects in the future”.

Thinking Machines was recently part of DTX by RISE, a 12-week workshop for corporate leaders on Digital Transformation where our team conducted an experiential workshop on AI. Apart from that, our team has also conducted a series of exclusive data science workshops for Thai companies in utilities, oil and gas, and the public sector, enabling them to kickstart their data transformation journeys regardless of their starting point.


With our official launch in Thailand, we are offering select Thai companies free and exclusive 1.5-hour workshops on Data Science for Businesses. Through these workshops, the IT, Innovation, and/or Business teams of select companies will learn about how they can leverage data science to solve problems and create real business impact.

Select companies can choose between two workshops. Our business-oriented workshop, “Taking The First Step Towards Your Data Transformation Journey”, focuses on how companies can get started on their data journey and deploy impactful AI that drives value. “Cloud Data Platforms 101: How to Decide on The Right Cloud Data Stack for Your Business”, on the other hand, is a more technical workshop that addresses the complex technology landscape and dives into finding the right technology solution for their use case.

Workshops are private and will be conducted for one company at a time. With this, slots are limited! Interested? Sign up to be shortlisted here.


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